About Singer Studio

Since the 1970’s Michael Singer’s work has opened new possibilities for outdoor and indoor sculpture and contributed to the definition of site-specific art and the development of public places. His works are part of public collections in the United States and abroad, including the Australian National Gallery, Canberra; Louisiana Museum of Modern Art, Humlebaek, Denmark; Guggenheim Museum, New York; The Museum of Modern Art, New York, and the Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York. He had several one-person shows, most notably at the Guggenheim Museum, New York City and most recently at the Utzon Center in Aalborg and the Danish Architectural Center in Copenhagen, Denmark. In 2019 Singer was honored for his work by the American Academy of Arts and Letters. Singer founded his collaborative Studio over 30 years ago to advance increasingly complex designs that sculpt spaces, re-imagine infrastructure and regenerate landscapes.

Singer Studio has been instrumental in transforming public art and sculpted spaces into successful models for urban and ecological regeneration. The Studio’s sculptural works and spaces have been noted for their unique regenerative qualities, with projects shaped to restore environmental function through the realization of the built work. Many of the Studio’s public projects have intricate layers of materials and are seen as a gradual co-evolution with Singer’s installations and sculptures. The Studio has created numerous public art projects in the USA and abroad including for the US Embassy in Athens, Greece, Atria Gardens at the Alterra Center for Environmental Research in The Netherlands, the Memorial Garden in Stuttgart, Germany and Groundswell (2019) in Toronto, Ontario. Recent projects include a 40’ tall solar powered biofiltration garden for the Seminole Tribe, Queens Plaza in New York City, several water-filtering sculpted gardens, and a 300’ long suspended sculptural landscape at the Austin International Airport.

The Singer Studio Collaborative Model

For over 30 years Michael Singer has worked with collaborative teams on projects ranging from public art to planning; architectural design and infrastructure. This collaborative approach is based on a satellite model, where  independent colleagues work with the studio on a project by project basis. This allows the Studio to connect the most qualified and experienced people and companies for each particular project, without having the costly overhead of having every set of skills on hand all the time.

Singer Studio LLC (SGS) and Michael Singer Inc. (MSI) are the business entities of artist, designer and planner Michael Singer which is responsible for the contractual arrangements for projects. Michael Singer Studio is Michael Singer’s collaborative team of designers and specialists who assist in the advancement of SGS and MSI projects.

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